Saturday, August 3, 2013

Viridian C5L

Well...I went and did it.  I mentioned in another post about wanting a Viridian C5L before getting an Inforce APL.  Well, after a little searching online I found out there was a guy right around the corner from me wishing to sell his unit since he rarely shoots anymore.  The offered price was very generous considering the retail is upwards of $300 so I hurried to an ATM and went to see it for myself.  After mounting it up, I'm extremely happy with it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

HSGI Sure-grip Battle Belt

I recently had need of a new battle belt for work and decided that I'd like to upgrade beyond what was offered in the military stock system, so I purchased a HSGI sure-grip padded belt.  I have used quite a few different battle belt rigs over the years, from a standard duty belt to my unit standard Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) belts.  I have worn belts with no sub-load panels, with both leg panels, with holster attached to the belt and not.  So many ways to solve the problem.  

Hit the jump and have a look.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The popular INFORCE APL (Auto Pistol Light) is currently on sale from Ares Armor at 39% off from their price of $150.  Their version is branded with their logo on the flat opposite the rail and is $92 with the sale.  As of writing, only 286 are in stock remaining.  I have used INFORCE lights in the past and they are outstanding, very bright and with excellent features.

I have the 9vx light and have been seriously considering getting the APL due to its size and bright 200 lumen output.  I was turned on to this light when Snake Hound Machine decided to produce a Glock package utilizing these and I love the look of it mounted.  The profile of the slide matches up with the light shape giving a very neat and clean appearance.  I can't wait to see this light paired up with the Silencerco Osprey, I think that will be quite a pretty package.  I'm going to wait until the end of the month to bite on this one, but I want one despite my intent to also get a Viridian C5L (100 lumen for comparison) if that tells you anything.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

US Cavalry Ch. 11 Filing

I just saw an email come in from US Cavalry stating that they have filed for a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  This while I'm patiently waiting for an order I placed almost a month ago.  At least that order was partially filled, 1 of 3 pieces shipped, I do hope the rest get here quick now...

I've visited their store in Kentucky outside of Fort Knox quite a few times on training trips, and usually found my wallet beaten and bruised after.  Don't get me wrong, they usually had decent and sometimes great prices, but I suffer from 'That-would-be-nice-itus' and snatched up some good kit.  I've been getting their catalogue in the mail for years and I'm going to miss getting that surprise nugget in the mail.  Let's hope they come out of this for the better, I would hate to see them go under.  I think with the sequester more of us will be paying out of pocket for decent kit again, and it would've meant some continued business for them.

**UPDATE** Well, I guess they sent out some courtesy emails regarding delayed orders.  I should have my remaining goodies in about 15 more days.  In all, 2 months total time if it arrives when they say.